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Start of STRIDE project: Strategies for the Digital Education

Jan 19, 2017
STRIDE: The project for strategy development for digitization in schools started in September 2016 for the partners from Italy, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Germany. Kick-off meeting took part in Palestrina (Italy) in December. Next date: Project meeting in Bremen on 13th and 14th March 2017.
STRIDE project logoSTRIDE project logo

On 1st September 2016 “STRIDE – STRategIes for the Digital Education“ started, a strategic partnership under foundation of the Erasmus+ program. Core elements are the development of school-specific strategies for digitization, as well as further education of teaching professionals and others involved in strategic matters. The construction of a didactical concept, further education, implementation and evaluation represent one part of the project. The other part is the development and provision of an Open Education Repository (OER) to assure the project’s sustainability. ITB, together with Inercia Digital from Spain, is responsible for the content-related design and scientific monitoring.