OrgLearn Documents

Here you can download the papers of the project OrgLearn. In case of problems please contact Peter Röben.

Fischer, M.; Röben, P. (Eds.): Organisational Learning and Vocational Education and Training. An empirical investigation in the European Chemical Industry. Institut Technik und Bildung, ITB-Arbeitspapiere Nr. 47, Bremen 2004 (final report). Download PDF (ca. 1MB)

Martin Fischer and Peter Röben (Eds.): Ways of Organisational Learning in the Chemical Industry and their Impact on Vocational Education and Training (ORGLEARN). A Literature Review. March 2001 (140 pages). pdf-file in a zip-file, 266 kB.

Martin Fischer and Peter Röben (Eds.): Cases of Organisational Learning in European Chemical Companies. An empirical study (second edition), ITB-Arbeitspapiere Nr. 35. University of Bremen 2002, pdf file, 1,1 MB, and online version.

Martin Fischer and Peter Röben: Organisational Learning and knowledge sharing: The use, documentation and dissemination of work process knowledge. Paper for the ECER conference in Lisbon, September 2002.

The interview manual for various target groups in partner companies, und
Der Fragebogen für die quantitative empirische Untersuchung.

The OrgLearn Forum.