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Scope and organisation

The purpose of WERA-IRNs is to advance education research worldwide on specific scholarly topics. IRNs are temporary collaborative groups of scholars working on a specific research topic primarily through virtual communications. IRNs synthesize knowledge, examine the state of research, and stimulate collaborations or otherwise identify promising directions in research areas of worldwide significance. Priority products for IRNs include substantive reports that integrate the state of the knowledge worldwide and set forth promising research directions.

The WERA network for Internationalisation of Research in Vocational Education and Training (IRN-VET) shall cover a broad range of research activities in vocational education and training (VET). It takes into account different levels of steering and practice linking system-related issues to cultural aspects of VET. The field of research in VET covers initial and continuing vocational training, both school-based and workplace-based learning provisions as well as the development of pedagogic expertise for vocational and professional education. 

The IRN-VET will raise awareness of the impact of research with its mapping activities, thematic ‘task forces’ and with IRN-VET events in the conferences of WERA and of ‘regional’ associations and networks. The IRN-VET will support the launch of the International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training ( by the European VETNET network. IRN-VET will also work together with the VETNET to develop a Summer School for emerging researchers.

Actual Link Convenor is Dr. Ludger Deitmer from ITB, Institute Technology and Education, University Bremen. 

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