1. Workshop in cooperation with iMOVE and wb-ibb: Business models, internationalisation and competitive strategies of German vocational training providers

On 27 May 2021, the wb-ibb organised the first of three workshops in cooperation with iMOVE. Dr Andreas Werner and Kristine Faenger from iMOVE opened the workshop series. A total of 36 interested parties from commercial and non-commercial providers from various areas of vocational education and training took part in the event titled “Business models, internationalisation and competitive strategies of German VET providers”.
Screenshot from the workshop

Kristina Kühn (ITB) organised the workshop together with Henrik Beermann (Fraunhofer IMW), which consisted of an informative and an interactive part. First, results on the topics of business models and internationalisation and competition strategies were presented from a research perspective (Kristina Kühn), followed by Mr Beermann showing findings from concrete project work. In the second part of the workshop, the participants' own experiences were reflected on with the help of the Cynefin framework. In a Miro board, two different working groups chronologically reflected on decision-making situations and their solutions against the background of the degree of complexity. The results were then discussed jointly by all participants. The offer of an informal exchange after the event was also used. The active participation of the actors and the numerous practical examples contributed to a linking of research and practical perspectives and overall to a stimulating and interesting event.

The second workshop of the series on "Market Strategies of Foreign Education Providers" will take place on 01 July 2021.

Please find the project description of wb-ibb - Scientific monitoring of the funding line "Internationalization of Vocational Education and Training" via the link in the blue box.