Crisis and Sustainability - ITB represented at the 8th Vocational Training Research Conference (BBFK) in Austria

With summer temperatures and the peaceful backdrop of Lake Wörthersee, Dr. Andreas Saniter, Christine Siemer and Melanie Schall participated in a thematic forum as well as with a lecture in the conference programme of the 8th BBFK (06.-08.07.22) on the topic of "Crisis and Sustainability".
BBFK Conference at Lake Wörthersee

The historically oriented forum on "Thirty Years of VET Cooperation with the former Socialist Countries in Eastern Europe - A Stocktaking" by Dr. Andreas Saniter (ITB), Dr. Christiane Eberhardt (BIBB) and Dr. Jörg Markowitsch (3s research) focused on the role of selected approaches in the development of national VET systems after the phasing out of the Soviet training model in the 1990s.

The presentation on "Characteristics of digital forms of learning in logistics relevant to learning success" (Christine Siemer, Melanie Schall) gave rise to a discussion on the use of microlearning in virtual learning environments. Questions about current developments in vocational education and training around the Covid-19 pandemic, digitalisation and sustainability efforts in work and society found space in the keynote lectures.

After three stimulating and exciting conference days, it is clear that in times of social crises and change processes, the temporal, normative and financial pressure on VET stakeholders is increasing. In order to adequately counter the uncertainties associated with these developments, Prof. Dr. Lorna Unwin (University College London) pleaded for less restrictive thinking in research, politics and in the implementation of educational concepts.

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