JoinMe2: Development of training materials for diversity-consciousness of teachers in Higher Education – 3rd Transnational project meeting

The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of the JoinMe2 project took place in Antalya from 19.05. to 21.05.2022. The content and aim of the meeting were to further develop training materials for teachers in higher education to raise and to improve diversity-consciousness.
© Elif Baysal & Mert Koçak

The training materials on the categories of gender, sexual identity, race/ethnicity/culture and disability were previously developed in small project groups. Moreover, the prepared materials were discussed and further developed in Antalya. A central aspect of the meeting was, amongst other things, whether the learning content is applicable to all partner countries. For example, gender-neutral terminology applies differently to various languages. The development of the training materials will be completed by autumn and then tested in each of the 6 partner countries. After that, they will be made available on open access.

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