Stay Abroad in Vienna: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Heteronormativity

The ITB and the Central Research Funding allow various stays abroad within the support program BremenIDEA. One of these research stays was realized by PhD student Julia Tietjen at the University of Vienna at the Institute of Educational Sciences in the team of Prof. Dr. Sabine Grenz. From March 6 to April 7, Julia Tietjen had diverse and inspiring exchange and networking conversations with scholars in an international team, gained interdisciplinary perspectives on her doctoral thesis, and gained insights into the traditions and practices of other universities.
“Studlhofstiege“, Vienna

Particularly characteristic were the dedicated and appreciative scholars Elif Gül and Dr. Bojan Bilic, with whom exciting ideas on the analyses of conceptions of equality and motherhood in heteronormative social structures were developed and deepened. At the same time, both also offered insights into their own work on "Reproductive Justice, Care and Technologies" and LGBTIQ activism in the post-Yugoslav space. Both seminar sessions and lecture preparations discussed intersectional entanglements and different levels of heterosexist discrimination.

The stay abroad in Vienna and in particular in this working group is not only an enrichment for the scientific as well as personal development of the doctoral student, it also proves to be a significant starting point for further collaborations.