DUAL ECOsystems – EU Alliances for ICT

In the course of the project, a compendium of dual approaches to training in the information technology (IT) sector in Italy, Germany, Spain and Northern Ireland will be compiled. To this end, all dual education programs in the participating countries that can be considered fully qualifying, i.e. on level 3 or above of the German/European Qualifications Framework (DQR/EQR) will be analyzed and their strengths and weaknesses described. In Germany, in addition to the classic dual vocational training courses in the sector (level 4), the dual courses of study at bachelor level (6) and the dual master's course of study at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bremen at level 7 are also included. The aim of the project is to submit a full proposal in the funding line "Centers of Vocational Excellence".


  • Prof. Dr. Falk Howe (Project Coordination)
  • Dr. Klaus Ruth
  • Dr. Andreas Saniter

Life span

01. December 2020 to 31. August 2023




Category E: up to 25.000 €