JoinMe2 – Promoting Inclusive Education at Tertiary Level

The JoinMe2 project aims to (further) develop the competencies of teachers at universities with regard to an equal and diversity-sensitive approach to students. For this purpose, the attitudes of teachers and students towards different aspects of diversity will be investigated by means of a questionnaire survey and country-specific overviews of the current state of research will be compiled. Subsequently, training materials for the development of a difference-sensitive attitude and critical diversity competence will be created and tested. During the entire project period, an online portal will also be developed, which will contain a literature and material database that teachers and students can access on a long-term and sustainable basis.


  • Dr. Franziska Bonna
  • Prof. Dr. Alisha M. B. Heinemann (Project Coordination)

Life span

01. September 2020 to 31. August 2023



Category C: up to 250.000 €