LIKA 4.0 – Digitally supported, cooperative learning on behalf of customers; sub-project: Development and testing of the overall didactic concept

Development, testing and consolidation of digitally supported further training in the skilled trades for the work process and competence-oriented design of in-company training with the aid of a training management system.


  • Prof. Dr. Falk Howe (Project Coordination)
  • Michael Sander
  • Dr. Christian Staden

Life span

01. April 2018 to 31. March 2022


  • Akademie Zukunft Handwerk (AZH) AG
  • Interlutions GmbH
  • Elektro Dessecker GmbH & Co. KG
  • Elektro Gerhardt GmbH
  • Elektro Graser GmbH
  • Gotsch GmbH
  • Heitmann Haustechnik GmbH
  • Herbert Herford GmbH
  • Dieter Herrmann Heizungsbau e. K.
  • Elektro- und Gebäudetechnik Martin Kaffl
  • Phillipp Haustechnik GmbH
  • Jordan Heizung-Sanitär-Elektro
  • Schröder Elektrotechnik e. K.
  • Team Steffen AG
  • Wilbrand Haustechnik GmbH