Pro-VET – Enhancing the Professional Development of Vocational Education Teachers in Russia and Serbia with European Practices

A major reason for the different quality and appreciation of vocational education and training in the countries of Europe and beyond lies in the teachers. Selection, training and further education as well as the working conditions of vocational school teachers differ considerably. PRO-VET project focuses on the development of respective uniform teacher training objectives in Serbia and Russia and online-supported materials to achieve them. The methodological approach is "policy learning", i.e. the aim cannot be to export European solutions (which do not exist in this form anyway), but to further develop the existing teacher training systems in Serbia and Russia with reference to examples of good practice in selected EU countries.


  • Vivian Harberts
  • Prof. Dr. Falk Howe (Project Coordination)
  • Dr. Andreas Saniter (Project Coordination)

Life span

15. November 2018 to 14. November 2022




Category D: up to 75.000 Euro