StepUP – Supporting Tutor’s Educational and Professional Upgrade

Work-process-oriented learning plays a fundamental role in successful vocational training: it enables trainees to learn the skills and competences needed in real-world workplaces. In addition to trainees, the key players here are skilled workers accompanying training, who are also referred to as mentors, tutors or training officers, depending on the context and sector. In contrast to teachers and full-time or part-time trainers, however, these mentors have no or only marginal pedagogical qualifications. This is where the ERASMUS+ STEP UP project comes in: Based on examples of good practice from the four participating countries Germany, Italy (IT), Lithuania (LT) and Spain (ES), further training units are developed, implemented and evaluated which further develop the teaching competences of the mentors, particularly in the context of new technologies.


  • Vivian Harberts
  • Prof. Dr. Falk Howe (Project Coordination)
  • Iris Klein
  • Dr. Andreas Saniter

Life span

01. October 2019 to 30. September 2022




Category D: up to 75.000 Euro