WB-Deutschkurs – Accompanying scientific research on the pilot project "German course for people with cognitive disabilities in the state of Bremen”

The project "WB German Course" provides scientific support for the ongoing pilot project "German Course for Cognitively Impaired People in the State of Bremen", which is directed to employees in workshops for people with disabilities. In the context of the accompanying research, the German courses are evaluated and a modified teaching structure is tested in order to be able to optimize content and methods with regard to a participatory teaching structure. The recommendations for action resulting from the accompanying research are designed to support the institutions offering the courses in achieving the objective of greater participation of the students in the whole of society.


  • Dr. Franziska Bonna (Project Coordination)
  • Marija Cubalevska

Life span

01. September 2022 to 31. August 2023




Category D: up to 75.000 €