Outstanding teaching: Dr Christian Staden receives the Bremen University Award 2022

The Senator for Science and Ports, Dr Claudia Schilling, awarded the Bremen University Prize for Excellent Teaching 2022 at a ceremony in the Town Hall. The first prize, endowed with 25,000 euros, went to Dr Linya Coers (Faculty 12 - Education and Educational Sciences) and Dr Christian Staden (Institute of Technology and Education) for their team-teaching project "Designing teaching-learning processes for selected contents of subject teaching using multimedia". With their joint subject and media didactic course, they contribute to training future primary school teachers with a view to the new information technology infrastructure and enable them to promote competencies also via digital media such as iPads or the platform itslearning.
Award ceremony in the town hall

The jury's assessment: The project makes an outstanding contribution to updating and introducing new forms of mediation in university teaching and its relevance and transferability for teacher training is very high. The use of Open Educational Resources strengthens the sustainable effect of the project, in that the students develop a product that they themselves can use in their later professional lives, as well as other teachers in practice, licence-free. The team of two university teachers succeeds in an excellent way in linking the acquisition of media skills, which is of elementary importance for future teachers, with the acquisition of content-related, didactic skills of a course.

Senator Dr. Schilling: "Public attention in the field of science is often focused on research. However, it has long been recognised that good university teaching must be based on good research, and it is equally true that strong research only lives through strong teaching. In order to appreciate this excellent work and to bring it to greater attention, I and my institution established the Bremen State Teaching Award two years ago."

Professor Maren Petersen, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies at the University of Bremen: "I am particularly pleased that representatives of the academic mid-level faculty are being honoured in both categories and that the commitment and innovative strength in teaching of these individuals is being made visible. Cross-subject and cross-disciplinary teaching that is understood integratively and implemented successfully requires a lot of commitment beyond the teaching load."