KIWI: Swipe for professional inspiration and further education in virtual worlds

Looking for a new profession, further education or professional inspiration? The KIWI project is de-signed to help. Inspired by dating apps, an app will be developed which recommends suitable pro-fessions and further education with just a few swipes and supported by AI.
Screenshot, getthejobyoureallywant.com

At the same time, a VR scenario that can be used with a smartphone will be integrated as an example of collaborative robotics. In this way, an introduction to the subject can be found without a real robot being available. The project’s goal is to meaningfully address the changes in the world of work triggered by digitization and robotics. The Bremen Institute for Structural Mechanics and Production Systems (bime) and the Institute Technology and Education (ITB) of the University of Bremen as well as the company apps-lab UG are cooperating on the research project. After the hardware and software infrastructures have been set up, the current focus is on creating a database for successful matching.

The project is funded as part of the INVITE innovation competition of BMBF and BIBB and runs until August 2024. You can find more information via the links in the blue box.