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The Institute Technology and Education (ITB), University of Bremen, has been working in Research on vocational education and training for more than 25 years. Currently sixty people are working for ITB, which is one of the largest independent institutions in VET-research.

ITB focusses on the interaction of work, technology and education and on people's influence on this triangle, aiming at a close interaction between reforming vocational education and training and innovation in work and technology.

The research is based on multidisciplinarity and internationality. Therefore researchers from various fields such as educational research, pedagogics, engineering, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, economics or work science are engaged in the ITB. The institute conducts a wide set of research and development projects on regional, national and international level. Projects usually are run in co-operation with industry and VET bodies. A close co-operation has been established with numerous institutions in Europe, the United States, China, Malaysia, Japan, the Oman and other Asian, African and American countries.

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