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The Institute Technology and Education (ITB), University of Bremen, has been working in Research on vocational education and training for more than 25 years. Currently more than fifty people are working for ITB, which is one of the largest independent institutions in VET-research.
ITB, Bremen
Central research idea is the analysis and design of the interrelationship between technology, work and education. The scientific work of the Institute Technology and Education (ITB) focuses on vocational education and training research with the subject areas of initial and continuing vocational education and training, occupations and vocational training systems on the one hand and their demarcations and exclusions, transitions, prerequisites and alternatives on the other. Pre-vocational education, the transition from school to work, education and further training, occupations and vocational training systems are actively shaped by research (design interest) and conditions and effects are empirically investigated (knowledge interest).

In order to work in this field, an interdisciplinary research approach is required, which is why vocational scientists, engineers, vocational educators, ergonomists, educationalists,  sociologists, cultural scientists and psychologists cooperate with each other at the ITB.

Vocational education and training research can no longer be thought of only nationally. The ITB recognized this challenge several years ago and accepted it in many ways. In the majority of its research and development projects, the ITB cooperates with relevant institutions in Europe, the USA, China, Japan, Malaysia and other Asian, African and South American countries. Distinguished fields of work include projects in the context of European integration processes on the one hand and in the context of development cooperation in Asia and South America on the other.

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