Integrating VET school teachers in validation of prior learning of unskilled workers

Validation of prior learning (VPL) becomes more and more relevant as educational pathways are diverse and often don`t involve formal degrees which are still of importance on the German job market. The project “Competence assessment of unskilled workers at VET schools as preparation for an external examination (KofeBS)” was initiated 2017 in the Federal State of Bremen in order to help unskilled workers getting a formal degree. Hence a competence assessment, which can be integrated into the regular daily operations of a VET school was developed and tested in the project. After a funding period of three years it can be stated, that the developed procedure fulfils its purpose in this application scenario and leads to the desired results: to measure the level of competences of unskilled workers by assessment to identify gaps that still need to be closed before taking the final exams.
134 – 145