4. Pre-Occupational Education and Transitions

Transitions, Training Preparation, Diversity, Inclusion, Professional Biographies
ITB research regards vocational education and training from a biographical perspective as a complex development process. In addition to the core segment of fully qualifying vocational training in the dual system, it therefore also focuses on the field of pre-vocational training and various transition paths into vocational training. The transition problems that manifest themselves particularly in access to initial vocational education and training are analysed against the background of the increasing diversity of learners. In an institutional perspective, therefore, the educational programmes in the transition area between general schooling and vocational education and training that prepare students for vocational education and training are also examined. The focus is on the practice of promoting young people's ability to take vocational action, which initially threatens to fail in gaining access to vocational training. At the same time, the expectations of normality in the training system are examined with regard to exclusion mechanisms and inclusion challenges.