CACDFM – Computerised Assistance to Clothing Design and Fashion Management

The aim of the project was to develop training packages and teaching expertise in the field of clothing design and fashion management for Bangladeshi garments workers, students and teachers on the basis of an existing pattern construction system and management COAT (CAD and Office Applications for the Tailors Trade) developed by the University of Bremen. This two years lasting project aimed to make suitable software tools available for students, professionals and relevant SMEs. It did promote further the transfer of know-how and information technology between the partners and individual target groups. A further outcome of the project was to upgrade the skills of garment semi-skilled workers and hence their better job facilities in Bangladesh and abroad.



01. Januar 2005 bis 31. März 2007


  • Asia-Link Programm der Europäischen Kommission


Kategorie C: bis 250.000 Euro