Work Process Knowledge meets Mobile Learning - Insights into conceptual backgrounds and sectoral challenges within a participative design process

The Learning Layers project seeks to promote the use of digital media, web tools and mobile technologies to support learning at workplace. In this paper we focus on the pilot activities in the construction sector, including the initial development of a design idea, the iterative design processes and capacity building measures. We discuss a specific pilot context - the training centre Bau-ABC and development of the Learning Toolbox - as a cross-over case between two R&D traditions: the Work Process Knowledge research and research on Mobile Learning. Our example is an application, which in the earlier phase of the design process was thought as digital content and facilitation manager for work-oriented learning projects. Later on, due to a reorientation in the design process it turned into a mobile ‘toolbox’ that can be adjusted both to the needs of training phase and to real work situations. We reconstruct the participative development process from the perspective of the evolution of a design idea and from the perspective of capacity building in the pilot organisation. We also discuss the promotion of e-competences as a complex learning process that requires both individual and organisational learning efforts.
Malloch, Margaret (Hrsg.) ; Gessler, Michael (Hrsg.) ; Manning, Sabine (Hrsg.) (2014): Proceedings of the ECER VETNET Conference 2014: Papers presented for the VETNET programme of ECER 2014 at Porto (1–5 September 2014), Berlin: Wissenschaftsforum Bildung und Gesellschaft