Artificial Intelligence in Policies, Processes and Practices of Vocational Education and Training

ITB-Forschungsberichte 71
Attwell, Graham; Bekiaridis, George; Deitmer, Ludger; Roppertz, Sophia; Tutlys, Vidmantas
The report examines the impact of artificial intelligence on vocational education and training in Europe. Based on a conceptual clarification, the societal and social aspects of this technology are examined using international literature. This includes various scenarios about future development as well as the effects on the commercial technical professions. A comprehensive analysis of future changes in qualifications and skills, especially with regard to the various professions, is undertaken. Chapter five looks at important subaspects of vocational education and training such as tutorial learning support, the creation of new learning environments such as »smart classrooms & factories«, as well as learning analytics and digital assessment. The empirical part of the study contains a summary evaluation of the more than 40 interviews carried out in the European countries Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and UK. The first project approaches are presented in case studies, in which AI is used in corresponding projects. The results of the online survey conducted in Germany among vocational school teachers will then be presented. The summary underlines the complex effects of this new technology with regard to the further development of professional content and which methodological didactic measures in the form of a new kind of professional learning and work tasks are especially necessary.
Bremen: Institut Technik und Bildung
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DOI: URN: urn:nbn:de:gbv:46-elib45105