7. Heterogeneity in vocational education and training

Educational inequalities, decolonize education, difference sensitivity, antidiscrimination, inclusion, intersectionality, power relations and power critique
This research field focuses on educational processes that are shaped by social, cultural, gender, and linguistic heterogeneity. In particular, the research focuses on pedagogical professionalization in the context of the possibilities and challenges of heterogeneous learning spaces. The focus is on out-of-school educational work, transitions from school to work, vocational education, adult education, and higher education. We research from a critical diversity perspective that a) considers diversity in the context of social power relations and b) takes a look at the various lines of difference (race, class, gender, sexual identity, ability, etc.) that become relevant in their interconnectedness. The research approaches are closely linked to processes of globalization and actively counteract a narrowing of the epistemes to the context of Germany.